Joshua Csehak,

Green Line Apothecary Commercial

Just shot and edited this commercial for the Green Line Apothecary in RI, directed and produced by Anthony Ambrosino of and with end card graphics by our multi-talented client. The place is really cool; everything you need from a modern pharmacy and also an old-fashioned soda fountain! (The ice cream sodas are ridiculous.)

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Michael Bronski on Gender, Homosexuality, and the Law

I made these short videos for Learn Liberty. The content is pretty fascinating; definitely worth a watch. It’s kind of incredible that there were ever laws governing what kind of clothes you can wear. Crazy.

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IndieWhip: Ripple

Kittens. Because why not?

That line in the script sold me on this spot. My friend and ridiculously-good AC Richelle Topping recommended me to shoot this piece for IndieWhip, a production company in RI. The guys there were as cool as can be, and had their shit together too. Not only that, but they wrote a really great script! It’s for Ripple, a service for celebrity-type people with hojillions of social media followers. I could explain it to you more, or you could just watch the video:

Ripple – Rock Star Video from Ripple on Vimeo.

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