I work as a local in Boston and NYC. Standard IRS mileage rate applies for locations >30 miles away, and half-days for travel days.

This is the gear I have on hand, anything else can easily be rented (checkout fee usually applies):

Ready-to-Shoot Camera Packages
Alexa 35
Red Komodo-X
Red Komodo
All cameras available in EF or PL, and if EF, come with a kit lens (Sigma 24-70, 18-35, or 70-200). Cameras also include tripod, media, and batteries.

Zeiss Otus Prime Set (28/55/85, @ f1.4)
Pentax Super Takumar Vintage Prime Set
Atlas Anamorphic Mercury Set (42/72) *Coming Soon

Interview Kit (Aputure 200d (2), Westcott 1×2 (2), misc. grip
Aputure 600d Kit
Litemat 4 Spectrum

Flanders DM220 OLED Critical Color Monitor