Mike LoCicero, Mark Greene, and me, on the set of The Killers Next Door

Hi! I’m Joshua Csehak and I’m a cinematographer local to Boston and NYC. I’m available for hire directly as a DP, or in the form of Magic Goggles, a small production company with a crew of as many of the industry’s best crew members as your production requires.

I hate to embiggen* myself, but since braggadocio verging on aggrandizement is literally the entire point of these kinds of sites, I will admit – I’ve got a pretty good eye. (More evidence of that on my IG feed: instagram.com/joshuacsehak_dp.) It’s probably from studying painting in college (which I still mess around with from time to time (csehak.org), or maybe just reading lots of comics. It’s definitely not from watching movies though, I can’t not get caught up in the story, even with ones I’ve seen 20 times like The Godfather or Casablanca. (Fun game: trade classic Casablanca lines back-and-forth and see who lasts longer. I’ll go first: “I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue.” “Yes, I put that dress away.”)

Anyhoo, when you hire me you get yes my one-of-a-kind eye (eyes, assuming no tragic accidents between now and then), but that’s not all! You also get my super-professional attitude, 13 years of experience, and firm belief that my job is to use the tools and techniques I’ve accumulated over the years to bring your vision to life. So if you have a bunch of small green pieces of paper and want to trade them for dynamite moving pictures, well, I’m your guy.

When I’m not shooting, I like to play board games (Gloomhaven, Nemesis, and Codenames are the current faves), make terrible music, and build furniture like the Shakers used to (hawkandhandsaw.myportfolio.com).

I can be reached at josh@magicgoggles.com.

*It’s a perfectly cromulent word.