Joshua Csehak is an award-winning director of photography based in NYC and Boston. He’s been making pictures of one sort or another his whole life, studying studio art at Boston University and moving on to graphic design before becoming a full-time cinematographer in 2009. He specializes in narrative fiction and commercial work. He freaking loves his job.

When he’s not shooting, Josh enjoys building period Shaker furniture with as few power tools as possible.

Josh can be reached at


Red Epic Dragon 6K
Canon C300 mk II
Zeiss Otus Prime Lens Set (28, 55, 85, all @1.4)
Tokina 11-16/2.8
Canon 17-55/2.8
Pentax Super-Takumar Vintage Lens Set (Under construction, atm 24, 50, 105, 135)
Interview light kit (2x Westcott FlexLight 1×2 LEDs plus smaller supplemental lights)
EasyRig Vario5
Anything the local rental house has — Alexa, Varicam, FS7, Movi, it’s all good.