Framing and Shot Type Reference

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive catalog, rather a working list to help make it so I’m on the same page with directors, producers, and ACs. I’ve enlisted coolest samurai ever Toshiro Mifune to help me out.

Extreme Wide Shot

Wide Shot

Cowboy Shot
(Framed so you can show his gun)

Medium Shot
(Generally this is waist-up)

(Basically the same as a medium shot, but with two people)

Medium Close-Up
(Generally from the nipples up)


Extreme Close-Up

An extreme close-up can also be even tighter, like just on the eyes or mouth.

Insert Shot
Usually a close-up, this is a separate shot “inserted” into the sequence to help tell the story. For instance, if you shoot a character looking at his watch, you might shoot an insert of the watch face to show what time it is.


Camera Movement

Zoom In/Out
When you use the lens to zoom while rolling.

Dolly In/Out, Push In/Pull Out
When you move the camera forwards or backwards while rolling.

Punch In/Out
When you stop rolling, and then either zoom in/out, dolly in/out, or switch lenses to get closer or farther.

When you move the camera laterally while rolling. Like “strafing.”

Tilt Up/Down
When you point the camera up or down.

Pan Left/Right
When you point the camera left or right.

(Sometimes people get panning and tilting mixed up.)

Dutch Angle
When you cant the camera on an angle.

That pretty much does it for the basics.