Joshua Csehak,


O2COOL :60 Commercial

I’m excited to present a new commercial I just shot for O2COOL! It was through Brafton, and it couldn’t have gone better. It’s always such a pleasure working with agencies that are both extremely talented and easy-going, and these guys are tops.

I shot it on my Red Epic Dragon with a small crew and budget, and I think we made it look like a 6-figure spot.

Word is, O2COOL like the video so much they decided to make a special run of Brafton-branded water bottles as a thank you! Hearing that made me smile ear-to-ear.

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The Lentils: That Sweet Disease

I love making music videos. It’s a shame they’re not as big as they used to be, since they’re such a great art form. I was especially excited about this one though. I absolutely love the song, and this was my first time doing serious green screen work. I shot it all on Red Dragon, and I love how much it looks like film. You can even watch it in 4k!

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Trinity Rep: The Glass Menagerie

Here’s another Trinity Rep Promo, this time for the Glass Menagerie. These are always so much fun. Our time with the actors is limited, so they’re necessarily quick and dirty — but there’s also no time to overthink anything, so it always feels fresh, and even experimental. As usual, my producer Jeremiah knew just what he wanted, and the shoot went super-smoothly.

These are also where Ilsa, my Red Dragon, really shines. Jeremiah needs to be able to pull stills from the raw footage, and I don’t know of any other movie camera that people also use to shoot stills.

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